logo38th Annual Meeting of International Society of Blood Purification (ISBP2020)

Dates: October 9-11, 2020 Venue: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Conference Center, Japan President:Ikuto Masakane (Yabuki Hospital) Call for Papers : March 11 (Wed.) - May 13 (Wed.), 2020 

With deep consideration for the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel the 38th Annual Meeting of International Society of Blood Purification (ISBP2020) which was supposed to be held on Oct. 9-11.
Please accept our sincere apology and understand that it was a difficult decision to protect the safety of all the participants and prevent the spread of the infection.
We sincerely apologize for causing enormous concern and inconvenience to everyone who had planned to attend and had offered their cooperation.
We would appreciate if you could understand our decision.

May 1, 2020

Hideki Kawanishi, the President of ISBP
Ikuto Masakane, the Congress president of 2020 ISBP

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

The annual meeting of the International Blood Purification (ISBP) 2020 is going to be held on October 9-11 in Yokohama Japan. There, you must feel the lingering excitement after 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. We hope ISBP 2020 could be an exciting meeting like as “Olympics in the field of blood purification”.

“Patient-centeredness” and “diversity” are key concepts of the medicine in the 21th century and we should set up the outcomes which are favorable and beneficial for the patient. Furthermore, our patients have become more complicated with aging, frailty and multiple comorbidities. What kinds of concept or technology in blood purification are needed to achieve these outcomes for our patients?

In the ISBP 2020 meeting we will invite many specialists and experts from around the world and set various exciting and informative sessions. We believe ISBP 2020 meeting would be a great opportunity to learn the latest topics in the field of blood purification for all of us, especially for the young doctors engaged in this field.

October is famous for the scenery of the beautiful snow-capped Mt. Fuji with the background of Autumn colored leaves. Near the congress venue there is one of the biggest Chinatowns in the world and you could enjoy excellent Chinese cuisines.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the ISBP 2020 meeting in Yokohama.

  • Chair, ISBP2020 Congress
  • Ikuto Masakane (Yabuki Hospital)
Chair, ISBP2020 Congress: Ikuto Masakane (Yabuki Hospital)


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